Primary Oral Healthcare is delivered to the population of Labuan. The main target groups are the toddlers, preschool children, primary and secondary schoolchildren, antenatal mothers, children with special needs, adults and the elderly. All the activities under this programme have been designed and implemented to ensure optimal oral health outcome.


i.    Toddler Service

Early Childhood Oral Healthcare is given to children once they are born. The main objective of the early childhood oral healthcare programme is to promote and maintain good oral health of toddlers as to ensure their optimum growth and development.

Children examined in the Maternal and Child Health Clinic (KKIA) and Rural Health Clinic (KD)  will be referred to Labuan Dental Clinic for further dental examination.

Dental nurses will provide guidance on oral healthcare knowledge to parents/ caretakers of their children.


ii.    Pre-school Service

Under this activity, preschool children are exposed to promotional and preventive initiatives. These include dental health talks, tooth brushing sessions, puppet shows, role-play and other fun activities. Dental examination and treatment are carried out after these activities.


iii.  School Dental Service

The School Dental Services in primary and secondary school as well as preschool are delivered through the School Dental Service which utilizes the Incremental Dental Care Approach, which is a systematic and comprehensive approach. The final objective is so that the children achieve an orally-fit status. School children will be examined and treated in their own school. This service include children with special needs enrolled in that school.


iv.   Antenatal Service

The main aim of this activity  is to impart oral health knowledge to pregnant mothers. Mothers are also given free dental examination and treatment. Apart from that, oral health promotion sessions  are also carried out to this group. 


v.   Outpatient Service.

Labuan currently has one Dental Clinic. This clinic is situated on the first floor of the Labuan Health Clinic. Outpatient services are available on every working day to provide dental examination, scaling, fillings and extraction of teeth. For other dental treatments such as denture, root canal treatment, minor oral surgery on impacted third molar and other oral abnormalities, appointment will be required.


vi.   Service For Children With Special Needs

This service is delivered in Community Centers and Health Community Center that is found in Labuan. Oral examinations and treatments will be given to these children every year. Oral  Health Talks and guidance on toothbrushing  are also given to caretakers of children with special needs.