The main focus of Community Oral Healthcare is on the prevention of caries and oral cancer. These include Fluoridation Of Public Water Supplies, Clinical treatment such as Fissure Sealants on molars, fluoride varnishes, and other prevention programmes includes talks, tooth brushing demonstration, role play and  Early Detection Of Pre-Cancerous Lesions  and Oral Cancer.



Fluoridation of public water supplies is an effective preventive measure which greatly benefits the community if the fluoride levels are maintained at the optimum level. Fluoridation has proved to reduce tooth decay. Co-operation needs to be improved with the Water Supply Department as well as the Public Treatment Plants.



Fissure Sealant ia a clinical preventive activity aimed at preventing dental caries. Fissure sealants are applied to pits and fissure of permanent molars in children at risk for occlusal caries. 



The Primary Prevention and Early Detection Of Oral Pre-Cancerous Lesions and Cancer Activity targets at high risk group. The aim of this activity is to increase  awareness on risk factors associated with oral cancer. This activity also serves to educate individuals on detecting early signs and symptoms of oral cancer and to carry out screening for early detection of oral cancer. When detected, chances of cancer recovery are brighter.