Pharmacy Services Division, Federal Teritories of Labuan coordinates all pharmacy activities in Health Federal Teritories of Labuan. This is Division is responsible to ensure that public get access to safe, efficacious and quality pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical care.

Pharmacy Services Division carries out this responsibility through three main activities:

  1. Pharmacy Management
  2. Pharmacy Practice and Development
  3. Pharmacy Enforcement


Leading in quality management of medicines through a competent and professional workforce, appropriate science and technology development and in partnerships with all stakeholders.


Ensure all Malaysian get access to quality, safe and efficacious pharmaceutical dan health products and information on rational use of medicines.


  1. Ensure Ministry of Health Malaysia’s patients receive Total Pharmaceutical Care.
  2. Ensure public education to promote rasional use of medicines.
  3. Ensure safe, efficacious and quality pharmaceutical and health products is affordable and available for public include rational use of drug information accesability.
  4. Ensure that the manufacture, importation, sale, supply, handling and use of pharmaceutical preparations, cosmetics and health products in accordance with Pharmacy Laws.

Last Updated : 3 March 2016